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December Meeting
Fifth Wave Wellness
Merging the Physic and the Psychic
Madalyn Suozzo

Date:   Sunday, December 2, 2012
Time:   6:30-7:00pm Networking
         7:00-10:00 Meeting
Admission: $10 - $25
             sliding scale
Place: Oaks Room
        Novato Oaks Inn
        215 Alameda Del Prado
        Novato, California
Light Snacks and Drinks Provided
Madalyn Suozzo

If you were born before 1970, you were indoctrinated into a system that has been inherently proven false.  Even though quantum physics has gone way past the point of seeing things only in terms of density, we haven’t.  We still think in terms of solid objects.

We were taught that genes, the brain, and DNA are static and unchangeable.  However, research is finding the opposite to be true. Genetic expression fluctuates by the minute.  Molecules are not static and consciousness is what changes them.  Scientists now tell us that what we perceive with our five senses is only 2-5% of reality.  Adherence to the materialist paradigm has rendered natural and mainstream systems, including medicine incomplete, severely limiting happiness for humanity.

Much of what we think of as our material world has far more to it.  Connecting with the unseen - our other half - is where submerged intelligence lay in a vast and hidden untapped potential.  The next step in our evolution is to discover how to access this place in tangible practical ways.  We need to inhale and exhale to survive.  Likewise, a truly effective healing strategy requires both the inner emotional effort of awareness along with the outer work of action. 

Long missing from mankind, the ‘Void’ or Source energies of purification, being comfortable in the unknown, repentance, right use of reverence, attention, gathering and kindness - especially self benevolence, need to be understood in the light of bio-logical ancient brain functioning.  Since science is finally meeting spirit, we now have the opportunity to meld intellect with understanding, out breath with in breath, mobility instead of stuckness.


In this presentation, I will discuss what Russian scientists have uncovered - a DNA basis for the phenomenon of intuition.  This puts us in a unique position to understand the next steps that need to be taken.  With proper instruction, most people have the ability to perceive beyond sense reality.  Individuals whose consciousness’s are more highly developed already have the ability for “hypercommunication.”

I will discuss the biological foundations of awakening from our collective deep slumber, and how to begin the awakening process. Included in the presentation are:
·Discussion of how the study of epigenetics has been clinically shown to play a major role not only in disease reversal, but in consciously coding DNA

·  Proof of how 95% of life happens in the tiniest of particles in a thinner material physicists call a ‘field of information’
·  Revelation of the one connection that builds immunity and divinity and how to climb a vibrational ladder to free the nervous system of energy blocks.
·  Advanced brain balancing technology
·  Understanding disease as the body's effort to restore equilibrium. 
·  Moving the assemblage point of cancer
· The secret history of the "original wave."
·  A practice you can go home with and use daily if you want to enhance intuitive healing abilities, and enhance the awakening process.


After 10 years of practicing Regenesis and living a spiritual life, I eased into a “Oneness’ state for almost 5 years. This was a state of absolute power without any anxiety, suffering, anger, fear or doubt - and all desires magically appearing.  Then the five top calamities and stresses happened, and I ‘fell from grace’ to almost 10 years of hellish chronic illness. This has made me uniquely qualified to understand ‘resurrection’ and use of what I call the ‘Feminine Powers.’

I have been actively engaged in Energy Medicine since studying massage at age 14 when I began sensing images, colors, sounds, feeling tones and ‘stories’ inside people’s bodies. The next 30 years were a search to understand the place where body mechanics and spirit cross.  I developed the ‘Original Wave’ to teach people how to remote-view and remote-influence; and how to activate the innate and very natural forces of regeneration hiding in the body, mind and spirit.  I am now evolving that system into what I call “5D Wellness.” 

My work catalyzes positive changes and has been mentioned in the books “Montauk Revisited: A Look at Synchronicity in Time” by Peter Moon, and “Fifty Algae Stories of Hope, Health and Freedom” by Lisa C. Moore, DC.  I have taught workshops, given lectures and practiced energy healing techniques across the United States and Canada.

I offer my services to individuals, and teach Regenesis, which I feel is the missing link in human capacity to focus energy like a laser. The one element of manifestation that is lacking is the ability to concentrate.  Regenesis is one of the best practices for mastering concentration. 


·  February:  Regenesis class in Santa Rosa.
·  Upcoming talks in Marin and Petaluma
·  Dates To Be Announced - Subscribe to Mailing List (see email address below)


Phone: 415-246-0714